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Postcards from a sleeping god's dreams

What does a sleeping god dream of ?

Luckily, we happened to receive postcards he sent during his long slumber and we are sharing them with you. Postcards from a sleeping god's dreams is the result of a collaboration between two talented french artists :

GaelDK, 3D artist & game developer, and

AerosteaK, musician & sound designer.


Coming from an indie video game background, they already worked together on AcidPunk - Echoes of Doll City, a gritty and psychedelic VR cyberpunk game. Both fell in love with Metal Hurlant universe during their childhood and still dream about it after many decades. They wanted to render their own vison of this sci-fi/fantasy inspired nostalgia and let their brushes and instruments float free in a limitless oniric metaverse. Each postcard depicts a unique and singular landscape accompanied by its own musical theme. Open your eyes and your ears, you are floating in another world!

Postcard #1 -
Ethereal buccaneers


Postcard #3 -
Forgotten Temple

Nouveau film (16) (18).Film_Instantané.jpg

0.4 ETH

0.4 ETH

0.4 ETH 

Postcard #2 -
Lonely Beach

Nouveau film (16) (28).Film_Instantané.jpg

Postcard #4 -
The message

Nouveau film (16) (23).Film_Instantané.jpg

Postcard #5 -
Forgotten world

Postcard #6 -
Drive home

Nouveau film (16) (25).Film_Instantané.jpg

0.3 ETH 

0.2 ETH 

0.5 ETH

Postcard #8 -
Echoes of an unfinished battle

Nouveau film (16) (5).Film_Instantané.jpg

Postcard #7 -
Come to Santa

Postcard #9 - 
Coming soon...

Nouveau film (17).Film_Instantané.jpg

0.2 ETH

0.2 ETH

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